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Premarital Therapy

Prepare your relationship to last 

Marriage is a big transition point for many couples. During this time couples often seek therapy so they can prepare for the challenges that come with being committed to building a life with another person. I can help if you are looking to invest in your future by learning new communication skills, develop a richer understanding of each other, and work through patterns of conflict.

During premarital counseling, we will would work through any issues that have come up in the course of the relationship while learning conflict resolution skills. We would then explore common issues that arise in couples, then identify attachment styles to help identify potential future difficulties in dealing with conflict, and we would also look at love languages to make sure you and your partner continue in feeling seen and loved by each other. I am also certified in administering the Prepare/Enrich assessment with engaged couples to identify areas of strengths and areas of your relationship that have room for growth. 
Through this process, couples gain greater understand and communication skills to reduce risk of divorce and improve relationship satisfaction


If your feel like this is something that could benefit your relationship, I would love to work with you! Feel free to send me an email at or use the button below to submit your information to schedule a free consultation.

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