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Sex Therapy

Find the intimacy you are looking for

When a couples has trouble in their relationship, physical intimacy is often the first thing to go. Also, sometimes something is just "off." I help couples communicate through barriers to regain intimacy and pleasure. Sometimes this involves dynamics of the relationship, trauma, differences in libido, performance issues, etc. 

I also work with individuals that struggle with porn or sex addiction. While we work together, we will create a recovery plan, build an accountability system, and I will recommend you join a support group. During our sessions we will explore what purpose this addiction is serving for you and why this addiction was developed. We will help you develop healthier coping skills to replace the addiction. 

If your feel like this is something that could benefit you or your relationship, I would love to work with you! Feel free to send me an email at or use the button below to submit your information to schedule a free consultation.

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